Who We Are

First Industrial Development Co., limited

First Industrial Development Co., limited is one of leading manufacturers in China with over 10 years experiences in ice making machines, supply a complete ice machine product line with 200+ models in ice-making capacities from 15kgs to 100 Tons per day.

Why Choose Us

With an application of from hotels, restaurants, bars, supermarkets and fast-food outlets, to hospitals, laboratories, fisheries and food processing facilities, our machines play a crucial role in the success of each operation.

Various ice types from cubes ice machine, flake ice machine, nugget ice machine, bullet ice machine, crescent ice machine for both home and commercial use in tabletop,self-contained,modular and undercounter, as well as industrial ice machine including large cube ice machine, large block ice machine, transparent block ice machine, bag ice machine, tube ice machine, plate ice machines are all available in order to satisfy the widest variety of uses.

We adopts the most advanced technology of Refrigeration equipment from USA and Italy and keeps above 80% primary parts made by international top manufacturers, obtaining several of patents like exclusive designing, water pump and intelligent voice and vertical paddle stirring system etc.

We keep continuous innovation and R&D on products and always maintain the leading market share in food-service industry.

All our ice machines use environmentally friendly non-CFC refrigerants.

We are consistently working to improve the energy saving and competitive cost of our machine though developing less energy, less water technology.

We are thoughtfully designed for simplicity. Features like our easy-access cabinet, easy-to-clean ice-making system, simple electrometrical and intelligent system controls make your simple operation.

Great tasting ice served here.

The widest choice of types of ice is here.

The most comprehensive range of ice machines and the most experienced and professional technical support is here.

What We Do

Portable Ice Maker
Undercounter Ice Maker
Ice Cubes Machine
Cylindrical Ice Machines
Nugget Ice Machine
Crescent Ice Machines

Industrial Ice Machine

Large Cube Ice Machine

With Ice Production Capacity of 1 tons to 20 tons per day
Our large cube ice machines are widely used in hotels, restaurants, bars, fast-foodshops, supermarkets and cold drink shops, etc. Firsth2o large ice machines are highly efficient, energy saving, safe and environmentally friendly and are quickly becoming the most popular choice for clients around the world.

Large Block Ice Machine

There are 1 tons to 100 tons production per day models to choose.
Both Transparent and white Block Ice Machines are all available.It can be made into different size of ice block machine to meet different current’s needs to size.

Bag Ice Machine

With ice making capacity range from 1 tons per day to 5 tons per day.
Bag Ice Machine full name is ice block making machine-plastic bag as model, it only need use plastic bag filling with water to make ice, it makes clean and sanitary ice, the ice is edible. It gets ice no need waiting for thawing ice. Weight of each ice is designable.

Flake Ice Machine

The daily capacity range from 500kgs to 60000kgs.
We have a wide range of Flake Ice solutions: you can choose either from a Small, Medium, Large and Seawater or Containerized Flake Ice type of cooling, depending on your requirements. All large capacity Flake Ice plants can be containerized to allow a mobile ice manufacturing process, better space planning or convenient relocation.

Tube Ice machine

With Ice Production Capacity 1 tons to 20 tons per day

Tube ice is thick and transparent with long storage period. It isn’t likely to melt in a short time, good air permeability.
It can be directly eaten or used to freeze drinks, mix wines, cool foodstuffs, make ice pastries and keep fresh etc.

Ice Plate Machine

Daily capacity from 1 tons to 20 tons ice production available.
Ice Plate Machine is widely applied to supermarket fresh-keeping, fisheries production, aquatic products processing, fruits and vegetables primary processing and fresh-keeping, meat product processing, medical, chemical and many other fields. Our ice plate machine realized the micro-computer centralized control, so easy to operate.
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Industrial Ice Machines

Large Cube Ice Machine,Large Block Ice Machines,Bag Ice Machines,Flake Ice Machines,Tube Ice Machines,Ice Plate Machines are available here...
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