Cold Room

There are multi-species and multi-specification panels to meet your specific needs and choice.

Variety: Colorful steel plate, stainless steel plate, embossed aluminum plate.

Specifications:50mm,75 mm,100 mm,120 mm,150 mm,180 mm,200 mm standards cold room panel width is 1000mm,length ranges from 200mm to 1200mm.

Cold Room Panel Thickness:


Thickness Suitable Temperature
50 5℃ or above
75 -5℃ or above
100 -28℃ or above
150 -35℃ or above
200 -45℃ or above

The polyurethane cold plate is formed by mould high pressure foam, with certain specifications and dimensions, the width of cold plate regards 295.3 as the modulus, the length of the cold plate not longer than 12 meters, on-standard size can be customized,the price is increased.

Different kinds of plate available:

A: Embossed aluminum plate
B: Stainless steel plate
C: Color zinc plate
D: The monitoring of the steel plate
E: Galvanized sheet