Crescent Ice Machine

Having a vertical stainless steel evaporator which is exceptionally durable and virtually maintenance free to produce crescent shaped ice. Water is constantly running over the patent design Dual stainless steel evaporator surface on both sides and gradually begins to freeze.

The control board manages the freezing cycles and adjusts the setting to accommodate external factors that influence the ice making process.

Crescent Ice is shaped like a half-moon and moves freely in any liquid without packing together, achieving maximum Ice storage capacity. Its unique shape allows for excellent displacement and allows liquid to flow over it more easily, so there’s no messy splashing and less waste.


Cold-drink stores, bakeries, fast-food shop, juice bar, coffee shop and ice cream shops etc.

Crescent ice size(38mm*11mm):


Features Benefits
Produces individual pure, crystal clear transparent crescent ice cubes. • Ice does not cluster or bridge, ice lasts longer, offers a better drink displacement and improves drink quality. Self-contained ice maker produces specially shaped crescent cubes, which allow liquid to flow right over them without making a mess.
Full compartmentalized design. • Cold and wet areas are insulated and separated from heat and electrical producing components delivering increased machine efficiency and reducing bacteria and slime build up meaning less time spent cleaning and maintaining the ice machine.
Patent design Dual stainless steel evaporator. • Long life sanitary stainless steel, low maintenance and will not chip or peel.
CycleSaver. • Allows the cuber to produce the same quantity of ice in about half as many cycles as competitive ice makers. Fewer cycles means longer component life and less maintenance than competitive units.
“Evercheck” control board. • Three point check diagnosis. Ten minute cycle check. High temperature lock out as protection and water shortage checking. Easy to trouble shoot, quick diagnosis protects refrigeration components and prevents failures.
Attractive stainless steel exterior. SUS304 • Robust design delivers longer life for the machine. Cleaning and maintenance is also easy due to the machines compartmentalized design. Durable injection molded front Louver.
Ventilation  • Air flows in and out from the front, not the sides.
Air Filters • Removable air filter can be easily cleaned
Warranty •  2 years on parts and labor on entire unit, 3 years on evaporator, compressor, and condenser.
Safety feature • Safety feature for automatic shut off when the ice bin is full.
Water-cooled condenser • increases efficiency and requires absolutely no air filter changes or side clearance. Water-cooled condenser is sure to increase energy savings.
Vertical pump motor • no mechanical seals, with famous brand name of Germany EMB or USA MORRILL
Sufficient ice production capacity • High production capacity at 30℃ ambient temperature and 25℃ water temperature.
Consumption. • Low electrical consumption and low water consumption.