Ice Plate Machine

Ice Plate Machine is a new generation product which is designed and manufactured combined with partial freezing preservation technology, it is widely applied to supermarket fresh-keeping, fisheries production, aquatic products processing, fruits and vegetables primary processing and fresh-keeping, meat product processing, medical, chemical and many other fields. Our ice plate machine realized the micro-computer centralized control, so easy to operate.

The shape of ice is a plate ice, the evaporator have the two technologies; flat liquid film heating exchange technology and double-sided formed ice technology, and have many s-type heating pipes which design according to the hot-runner and adopt the hot gas ice shedding technology, so the machine not have any wear and tear.

The making ice system is the multiple systems that making ice dependent and have the dropping ice function, shorten the ice-making period, the full equipment have good anti-corrosive function, anti-shock and resist pressure performance. It realized that produced one ton ice just consumed about 60kw power, it has the incomparable advantage of flake ice machine and others ice machines.

Ice plate machine performance and advantage:

  • Peculiarly: industry leading evaporator.
  • Outstanding energy-saving: the efficiency of energy-saving can reach beyond 30%,it’s a new generation saving energy products.
  • Absolute quality advantage: The material of the evaporator is stainless steel 304(SUS304), the machine no has any wear and tear, intelligently system.
  • Easy to operate: PLC programmable monitor, no need manpower.


Plate ice machine application in industry, agriculture and fishing industry, Plate ice is widely used for fisheries production, aquatic products processing, aquatic fishing, transportation ice using, meat products processing, super-market fresh-keeping, food process, medicine, chemical and dye, fermentation engineering, construction project concrete cooling, mine coling,ice storage project and papermaking industry.








Products Model:

Model Ice making capacity Rated power Circulating Water Pump Power Cooling Water Pump Capacity Cooling Fan Capacity Machine Dimension Weight of Machine
No. Ton/24h Kw Kw Kw Kw W*H*L(mm) KG
HYF10 1 3.69 0.37 1.5 0.37 1900*1370*1660 860
HYF20 2 7.11 0.55 1.5 0.55 2400*1600*1700 1200
HYF30 3 9.68 0.55 2.2 0.75 2400*1600*1800 1350
HYF50 5 17.47 0.55 2.2 1.5 2500*1860*1950 1500
HYF100 10 26.6 5.5 4 1.5 2500*2200*2150 2500
HYF150 15 48.3 7.5 5.5 2.2 4000*1800*2200 3800
HYF200 20 63 7.5 7.5 3.75 4000*2040*2200 4650

Machine running condition: water temperature: 23℃,evaporate temperature:-12℃,condensing temperature: 40℃,reference valve under 50Hz power condition. Real production of machine will have a little change according to the change of water temperature and ambient temperature.