Automatic Ice Block Machine(ABI Series)

The biggest feature of automatic ice block machine(ABI Series) is that the large-scale ice blocks no need salty water and other cooling medium during the freezing period, after the ice formed, it will drop into the special ice contact convey device from the ice models, the whole course of ice forming is sanitary, clean, it can reach the edible request. And the machine adopt the cycle heat gas harvesting ice technology and direct heat expansion, heating exchanging technology, making the product performance become more steady, it has broken the question of the large-scale can’t for eat.

Automatic Ice Block Machine(ABI Series)’s Features:

  • Under the circumstance of the supply water reached the drink standard, then the ice blocks completely can reach the edible request.
  • The ice-making evaporator material is the stainless steel 304(SUS304) or Aluminum, clean and sanitary; stable refrigerant efficiency, the life for the refrigerant evaporator is beyond 30 years and still keep the same shape as before. So it doesn’t exist the replace or repair problem.
  • The ice machine can be make into the containerized type or module type, easy operate, and saving space.
  • When after the ice formed, it will dropping into the special ice contact convey device from the ice models, no need crane and other hoist equipment, reduced the operating cost and usage space.

Product Model:

Automatic Ice Block Machine (ABI Series)
Item No. Production Rated Power Water Pump Power Outer Dimension
No. Ton/24h Kw Kw L*W*Hmm
ABI 10 1 3.92 0.37 1100*1400*1850
ABI 20 2 7.11 0.37 1200*1400*2300
ABI 30 3 9.66 0.55 1100*1700*2000
ABI 50 5 14.6 0.55 1500*1500*3500
ABI 80 8 21.9 0.55*2 1500*2000*3000
ABI 100 10 27 0.55*2 1500*2000*3500
ABI 125 12.5 38 0.75*2 1500*2000*4000
ABI 150 15 50.4 0.75*3 1500*2000*6000
ABI 200 20 65.8 1.5*2 1500*2000*7000

Machine running condition: water temperature: 23,evaporate temperature:-12,condensing temperature: 40,reference valve under 50Hz power condition. Real production of machine will have a little change according to the change of water temperature and ambient temperature.