Portable Ice Machine

Portable ice makers also called home ice machines, tabletop ice maker,countertop ice maker and small ice maker,which are units that can fit on a countertop. They are the fastest and smallest icemakers on the market.

Ice shape:

The ice produced by a portable icemaker is bullet shaped with a hole through the center and has a cloudy,white or clear transparent appearance. Besides bullet ice shape,special clear and transparent cube ice in potable unit is also available in our company. Our Portable ice maker offers three different ice size options:they are small size,mediume size and large ice size.

To have a clean and refreshing taste,you are suggested to put filtered water in the machine.

How is ice produced:

The first batch of ice can be made within 10-15minutes of turning the appliance on and adding water. The water is pumped into a water tank with metal pegs immersed in the water. The pegs have a heating and cooling system inside that freeze the water around them and then heat up so the ice slips off the peg and into the storage bin. Portable icemakers will not keep the ice from melting, but the appliance will recycle the water to make more ice constantly until the basket is full.


By plugging in the unit and providing a water supply, you can make pounds and pounds of ice every day. This makes these machines effective for many different occasions! You can use them for parties at your home or at the office, BBQ’s,  backyard party,break room,catering,hotel rooms,camping and providing ice at a picnic.


  • Water can be “recycled” and re-used when the ice melts in the machine.
  • High performance, this ice maker can produces up to 22-30pounds(10-15kgs/D) of ice a day.
  • Let you control the size of ice, there are three size, small, medium, large.
  • You can easy to access drain plug.
  • The machine use energy very efficient.
  • Can produces ice at very short of time (6-10 minutes).
  • Light weight,easy removable.
  • Ice is kept into a removable basket.
  • Ice has fine taste, especially when you use filtered water as suggested.

How choose the best portable ice maker:

When buying a best portable ice maker you must ask yourself the following questions:

An Compact ice makers are able to produce maximum 35 pounds a day, while a small one can make maximum 20 pounds a day. In case you need a ice maker can produce more than this, you must find a commercial ice maker.
Almost portable ice maker can keep a quite small amounts of ice. And you have to notice that they can keep this amount of ice for a long time so you should use ice at the time it was produced. In case you need store a larger amount of ice you have to find a bigger portable ice maker with large the storage bin.
Portable ice makers can produce shaped ice cubes,and most of items create ice cubes in three sizes – large, medium and small. These size depend on your drinks so you have to consider to buy the portable ice maker that produce best ice cube size for you need. Today, our best portable ice makers can let you control the size of ice cube.Bullet ice and cube ice are all available for option.