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• Water filter system included & provides purified water to create perfectly cut cubes as request.
• Different ice cube sizes available to meet various needs.
• NSF, ETL and CE approved provide strict public health standards.
• Electroless nickel plating prevents the long-term damaging effects of water and ice.
• Harvest assist clears ice off the freezing surface for fast & consistent ice production.
• Air-cooled cooling way unit is more affordable, easy to install, and great for water conservation
• Front facing lift and slide door allows for easy access to ice bin
• Produces up to 160-280lbs. of ice per day with 90lbs self-contained ice bins.
• Fully automatic micro-computer control system to shut off when ice bins are full.
• Ice thickness is easily adjusted by you as needs.
• Attractive, durable stainless steel cabinet.
• Patented cleaning and sanitizing technology.
• Easy access air filter designed for longer operation in greasy and dusty environments. Air filter Slides out from left side front without tools, easy to clean, reusable filter protects condenser from lint, grease and dust.

Material 304 Stainless Steel304 Stainless Steel304 Stainless Steel
Type of IceDiced Cube iceDiced Cube iceDiced Cube ice
Max Ice Production(24 hours)160 lbs/ 72 kgs210 lbs/ 95 kgs280 lbs/ 127 kgs
Ice Storage90 lbs/ 40kgs90 lbs/ 40kgs90 lbs/ 40kgs
Production per Cycle80 ice cubes90 ice cubes126 ice cubes
Cooling SystemA/WA/WA/W
Voltage Standard200-240VAC/50-60Hz200-240VAC/50-60Hz200-240VAC/50-60Hz
Power 380W420W470W
Type of RefrigerantR404AR404AR404A
Circuit rating 15 Amps 15 Amps 15 Amps
Machine Dimensions(W*D*H)680*660*920mm680*660*920mm680*660*920mm
Net Weight57 kgs58 kgs61 kgs
Packing Dimensions(W*D*H)740*780*930mm740*780*930mm740*780*930mm
Gross Weight66 kgs67 kgs71 kgs

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