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IMS-25-IMS-60 flake ice machine

These flake ice machines are capable of producing approximately 55-132 lbs of flaked ice per day.

Flake ice has a high surface area to volume ratio for quick item cooling.
Flake ice is easy to mold around food, beverages, and injuries.
Flaked ice is perfect for salad bars, seafood counters, and other food displays that require long lasting sanitary ice.


• Produces edible crushed ice (flake ice) at a stable and continuous speed.
• Food grade SUS 304 stainless steel exterior.
• Italy Haitec auger roller bearings and ZD motor are used, low noise and stable performance.
• Flake ice in a uniformed,small,soft and compacted shape with a slow melt rate. Without bruising and holds in place without tipping/spilling.
• Due to the anger system the water consumption is equal to the ice production.
• Water inlet system controlled by water float in water tank, less water consumption and no dead water.
• Foodsafe,anti-mirobial Ice bin made of foaming polyurethane, good insulation.
• Advanced diagnostics computerized control.
• Front panel in & out airflow for built-in installation.
• Easily accessible front panel mount ON-OFF Switch.
• Routine Maintenance visible alarm light on front panel.
• Ergonomically designed ice storage access with sliding door.
• Low energy consumption.
• Protection against phase deficiency, water shortage, full-ice.
• CFC-free R-134a Refrigerant.
• Fully automatic running and easy to use.

Material 304 Stainless Steel304 Stainless Steel304 Stainless Steel
Type of IceNugget IceNugget IceNugget Ice
Max Ice Production(24 hours)55 lbs/ 25kgs110 lbs/ 50kgs132 lbs/ 60 kgs
Ice Storage13 lbs/ 6kgs22 lbs/ 10kgs48 lbs/ 20kgs
Production per Cycle400g770g940g
Cooling SystemAAA
Voltage Standard200-240VAC/50-60Hz200-240VAC/50-60Hz200-240VAC/50-60Hz
Power 220W280W420W
Type of RefrigerantR134AR134AR134A
Machine Dimensions(W*D*H)330*470*565mm398*512*732mm398*512*870mm
Net Weight30 kgs40 kgs42 kgs
Packing Dimensions(W*D*H)407*550*630mm465*585*790mm465*585*925mm
Gross Weight32 kgs45 kgs47 kgs

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