What Are The Different Types Of Ice Machine?

What are ice machines?

An ice machines or ice makers are equipments that produce or makes ice and sometimes stores ice.

Connected to City water source and freezing ice though compressors, condensers and evaporators etc parts as refrigeration systems’ working.

Classify them by portable ice machine, commercial ice machine and industries ice machines used in different applications.

Portable ice machines normally produce about 12-15 kgs/D bullet ice or some items of clear cube ice as compact tabletop use in the kitchen.

Commercial ice machines are capable of making large amounts of ice quickly per day.

There are also flake ice machines and nugget ice machines that grind ice into nuggets or flakes for special applications such as supermarkets or seafood store, as well as cylindrical ice machines and crescent ice machines are available for clients’ favorite.

Commercial ice machines are designed to produce high-quality ice. Regular cleaning and water filtration are crucial to maintaining good ice and ensuring a pleasant and consistent taste.

Because there are so many different configurations and styles available, it’s important to understand what is available to find the best ice maker to suit your business’ needs.

The Applications of Ice Machines

Many restaurants, cafes and cafeterias serve soft drinks and beverages, stock salad bars or blend frozen cocktails. In order to do so, a commercial ice machine is essential. Purchasing and choosing the right unit ensures you have the right type of ice for your operation. With the right machine, you can also be sure that you have the best dispensing unit for your needs, be it a simple ice bin and scoop, a single-serve beverage dispenser, or a coin-operated hotel dispenser.

Different Configurations

There are generally below basic types for Varity needs for commercial ice machines.

Modular or Ice Machine Head

Modular ice machine is not including ice bins, a head of ice making unit with all of ice making components inside(consisted of the compressor, the evaporator, the water tank and water pump etc).

They are commonly available in 30″ and 48″ widths across the ice machine industry, and are designed to sit on top of an ice machine storage bin, an ice machine dispenser, or a sparking dispense etc. Ice outputs range from 350 lbs. per day to well over 2000 lbs. per day.

Modular ice machine heads are popular for several reasons. They are modular units and can be repaired and replaced without required to remove the entire ice making system. When the ice machine head has reached the end of its functional use, it can be swapped out and a new modular head can be mounted, reutilizing the other existing equipment such as a bin or dispenser. However, ice machine heads are the most common form of equipment chosen for the simple reason that they have a wide variety of ice production rates and the largest can make over a ton of ice per day.

Modular equipment also means that you can combine different ice machine heads with different storage options for a customized solution for your foodservice application. Modular ice machine heads mounted on a bin or dispenser look like a single piece of equipment but allow for maintenance or upgrade of each unit separately.

Self-Contained (All-in-One) Ice Machines

Self-contained Ice Machines typically include all of the ice making components and the storage bin as a whole of unit.

Among them, the popular one is Undercounter ice machines, which are designed to fit under standard commercial counters, approximately 33″ – 34″ higher or less.

These Undercounter Models are compact, taking up less floor and wall space for where don’t need as much ice.

Undercounter ice machines are available in models with a variety of production rates, internal bin storage capacities and ice styles. Generally, undercounter models are smaller versions of the modular ice machine and bin. Therefore, the undercounter units will not be able to produce large volumes of ice each day, since their ice making capacity is smaller. However, when space is at a premium and your ice requirements are modest, you can get decent performance from an all-in-one undercounter ice machine. For a front of the house bar, a sports stadium sky box suite or a physical therapy facility, an undercounter ice machine would be ideal.

Ice Dispensers

Our Countertop Ice Dispenser is available in snow ice type.

Some of ice Dispenser models do NOT make any ice. They are mechanical ice dispensing units that require either a top-mounted ice machine head or to be manually top-filled with ice from another source.